Origin's Festival 



An evening of short plays written by Geraldine Hughes, Lisa Tierney Keogh, Brenda Meaney, Honor Molloy & Sarah Street.

As the opioid epidemic ravages America 5 writers seek inspiration from an article that appeared recently in The New Yorker Magazine 

Come travel the journey on this site specific immersive experience in a mid-town apartment, watch OxyContin give the “clean high” ! Will the pattern of dysfunction repeat itself or will a smirk and a so-what attitude get you through the night. 

Jan 25, 26, 27, 7pm & 9pm

Bet 2 & 3 Ave


Playing at: Blooms Tavern — 208 E 58th St, NY 10022


Opening: Thursday, January 25th, 2018
Closing: Saturday, January 27th, 2018




Hello Friends! I wanted to invite you to this hilarious show I'm in on the TBG's main stage. It's an original work, written by unreasonably talented friend Tessa Borbridge. She is such a wordsmith, and I can't tell you how rewarding it's been working on this beautifully resonate little play, with such a talented dedicated group. There's a lot of truth in it, and I've been stealing lines, "life-quoting" on the daily. If you're free, we'd love to have you. I think you'd really enjoy it. 




Oh my treasured public, I have so much to tell you...

Well my darlings,

It's been a busy summer. I've stolen a few sleeping moments to give you the skinny, Frank Ocean's latest playing inspirationally over my clicking keyboard. I'm thankful to be living creativily, and thrilled to have a few opportunities to share some of the work I've been putting in.


"Pucker Up and Blow possibly the most controversial play to ever open up in NYC" - Time Square Chronicles 

 Come check me out in MY FIRST FRINGE SHOW! The Huffington Post added us to their 20th Anniversary list of must sees! We've got TWO performances left! 

 This project has been so fun to be a part of. It came to me organically through friends I've made at Naked Angels. Daniel Reitz is a deliciously unique playwright, and I've revelled in the role of Micah, a stage sex-choreographer and certified tantric massage therapist. Paul Schnee has been a delight to work with, and I've had a whale of time with my fellow castmates: Will Dagger, Asa James, Sydni Beaudoin, Alex Emanuel, Chandra Thomas, and Jeremy Burnett.  The audiences have been so receptive, which I must admit I was a bit surprised by given it's controversial content and copious amounts of simulated anal sex. 

 "Shane Allen is very attractive and believable as Micah, who is charged with making the sex scenes realistic." - Applause! Applause!


Does this look familiar my pets? It's a still from Miss Connected, the precious little romance I was in last summer. It's making it's festival rounds. After a world premiere at Sunshine Cinemas it will be making it's west coast premiere at the Academy and BAFTA recognized LA SHORTS FEST! Oh do come see me, won't you? 


You're going to love this one babes. I shot this indie darling last year, and it's finally emerged from it's cocoon phase. It's going to soar or rather gracefully flutter about. Much like the lovely Coco Conroy, my charming on-screen love interest did in between takes. We were two peas in a pode, we were.

 It's the second time I had the privledge of working with the supremely talented director/writer Brian Ross. He'd previously cast me in his award winning web-series, Big Country Blues. He has so much integrity as a creative, especially considering his affinity for redneck livin'. It's been so rewarding being a part of his endeavors. Check out the trailer HERE! 


My dear ones... this puppy right here is what I'm most proud of... I produced my first film! I wrote it as part of an assignment in Lorrel Manning's incredibly insightful screenwriting class at the Barrow Group. It came together so organically. And the catalyst, a little under the table text from one of my classmates/friend/director, Alex Correia, "We should shoot this." And we did. I'd saved a little money for what I'd hoped would be a European runaway and spent it all on making this childhood dream a reality.

What a crew! Our DP Yura Makarov, was phenominal and so easy to work with. Oh I lucked out with my team! I've learned so much already, and we haven't even gotten out of post! All I know is I want to do it again and again and AGAIN!!! Stay tuned my pets!  


I will close with an invitation. Core Artist Ensemble, my beloved theater company is in the midst of our summer reading series. This Sunday is the third "episode" of our podcast inspired series, and one of my plays is being read! We have so much talent in our collective, and I implore you, join us! 


Miss Connected has its official premiere at Sunshine Cinemas!!

I was so stoked to sit in my favorite theatre, eating my favorite bag of popcorn, with an ungodly amount of powdered popcorn flavorings, and watch a film I was in! Miss Connected was selected for this years New York International Short Film Festival! We saw some great pieces, but I was proud of what we accomplished! Mmmmm popcorn... Mmmmmmm





PRIVATE ;) Screening of "Miss Connected" @ PETE'S CANDY STORE 

Hello lovahs, 

A short film, I had the pleasure of being in is having it's premiere at Pete's Candy Store in Williamsburg on Tuesday May 10th from 7 to 9. It's one of my favorite Brooklyn haunts, and you are all my favorite people! RSVP with yours truly so I can get you on the list.

XO My darlings XO