The Reading Salon- "Shane Allen's delivery during, 'The Heart Attack' was dead-pan brilliant..."

Theater Scene- "... a poignant and meaningful exchange between two grown men." (The Heart Attack) 

indyred- "... a rare find within indie circles."

  APPLAUSE APPLAUSE- "Shane Allen is very attractive and believable as Micah, the Sex Choreographer and Tantric Massage Therapist who is charged with making the sex scenes realistic." 

 Marci Phillips (ABC)- "That is what casting directors want to see in an audition. I would have thirty people come in the room, and no one else would give me that."

Jessica Kelly (Chrystie Street Casting)- "You're the only person I actually believed reading those sides."

Clint Alexander (FOX)- "Very funny. Do it again, but try it... less like your stoned."

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